Minimum Standard Guidelines for Library Services to Prisoners

(9 December 2015) ALIA has issued the Minimum Standard Guidelines for Library Services to Prisoners to provide guidance on the establishment, operation, and evaluation of library services to prisoners in Australia.

All people – including prisoners – have a fundamental right to read, learn and access information.

Table of contents:

1.       Introduction

2.       Existence and Purpose of Prison Libraries

3.       Management

4.       Financial Resources

5.       Human Resources

6.       Physical Facilities

7.       Library Collection

8.       Prisoner Services

9.       Digital Services

10.    Performance Assessment

Appendix I: Facility Assets Data Sheet



Prison libraries play a pivotal role in supporting constructive educational, recreational and welfare programs.

These Guidelines are a practical resource for prison librarians, prison authorities and other institutions responsible for administering prison library facilities.

The announcement with a link to the Guidelines is here.