Malaysia to import smart library system from Taiwan

IDSmart included facial recognition system and far-reaching automation

(20 September 2018, Taipei)  Malaysia will import the IDSmart Library system from Taiwan in order to improve the efficiency of its library management as well as the convenience for their readers, reports said Thursday.

The move is the result of a Taiwanese and a Malaysian company signing a memorandum of understanding at a forum in Kuala Lumpur Wednesday, the Central News Agency reported.

Taiwan’s MITAC Information Technology Corporation (神通資訊科技) said many libraries and universities in Taiwan had already adopted the system, while interest was high from Japan, Thailand and the Philippines.

Malaysia’s Synvest Technology Sdn. Bhd. said it wanted to comply with the requests of private, public and university libraries in the country to upgrade their quality and win back consumers addicted to their smartphones.

The Taiwan News has the full story by Matthew Strong.