Knowledge management becomes top-of-mind again

(6 June 2018) Dave Davis writes that there is an old saying that “everything old is new again,” and that often relates to technology.

Knowledge management was a major business trend from 1988-1998. For a decade, it was one of the most discussed topics among leaders of many industries and written about in multiple books and scholarly articles.

Twenty years later, KM is top-of-mind again in 2018, as industry’s ongoing digital transformation has spurred demand for a better way to manage information.

The KM of 1988-1998 entailed complex filing, cataloging and tracking systems. One of the earliest successful products in this category was Lotus Notes (currently known as IBM Notes). It provided tools for threaded discussions, document sharing and organization-wide uniform email.

Now KM is on the rise again. A quick search of returns more than 5,000 job postings around the country with the key phrase “knowledge management.”

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