Karger introduced discount and waiver policy for APC based on country income

(14 Jan 2020)  Karger Publishers has flipped five journals to Open Access and concluded transformative agreements in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland. In addition, a waiver policy for publication in Open Access journals was introduced.

Karger Publishers continues to work actively toward a transition to Open Access (OA), including plans to “flip”, or convert, more journals from the subscription model to OA. By January 2020, five Karger journals have already become OA: Lifestyle Genomics, Gastrointestinal Tumors, Liver Cancer, Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases, and Kidney Diseases, increasing the number of Karger
Publisher’s OA publications to 30 out of more than 100 journals.

In addition to flipping a growing number of journals to OA and concluding OA agreements, Karger Publishers has introduced a discount and waiver policy for OA journals based on country income. The offer allows authors from low- to mid-income countries to publish free of charge or with a discount on Article Processing Charges (APCs). This follows the launch in 2019 of a progressive policy regarding preprint publication. Furthermore, Karger Publishers has established new workflow
measures and steps to ensure that authors can easily find information and take advantage of their institutions’ agreements, which give them the opportunity to publish OA articles at no extra cost. This makes publishing OA easy for authors and the libraries who support them.

For the coming year, Karger Publishers is already actively working to advance the transition to OA further by flipping several journals in 2021 and more in the following years, and by evaluating additional ”open” policies and services.

The full press release can be downloaded here.