Karger cooperates with Google to enhance access for students

Karger takes part in Google’s Campus Activated Subscriber Access Initiative (CASA)

(23 February 2018) Karger Publishers participates in Google’s CASA Initiative, making subscribed Karger content available to university members wherever they are. CASA is activated automatically when users are connected to the university network. To maintain this service, users have to reconnect to the university network every 30 days.

Anurag Acharya, co-creator of Google Scholar, says, “CASA builds on Google Scholar’s Subscriber Links program which provides direct links in the search interface to subscribed collections for on-campus users. With CASA, researchers can start a literature survey on campus and resume where they left off once they are home or travelling, with no hoops to jump through. Their subscribed collections are highlighted in Google Scholar searches and they are able to access articles in exactly the same way as on campus.”

This collaboration with Google is an important advance which streamlines access to purchased Karger content for authorized library users. “Karger has been connecting the world of biomedical science for many years, so offering students seamless off-campus access via Google CASA fits the portfolio of our services,” says Marc Schindelholz, Head eBusiness Development & Rights at Karger Publishers.

Using Google CASA requires no extra work for set-up or maintenance for subscribing institutions. And they are still able to adhere to license agreements and copyright laws, as Google CASA provides legitimate off-campus access to scientific articles. 

Further information about Karger Publishers: www.karger.com