JoVE releases lab-focused science education video series

(20 February 2019)  JoVE is releasing the JoVE Lab Manual Series. It is one of the first curriculum-focused instructional video resources of its kind for commonly taught introductory labs. Filmed in top academic labs across the United States, the series’ comprehensive and engaging video content will enable improved student learning outcomes.

“Many students struggle in lab courses, especially the introductory ones, because they lack familiarity with the methods that they are going to perform,” says Dr. Dipesh Navani, head of production at JoVE.

“The JoVE Lab Manual video series aims to resolve this issue by showing students what they are going to do before they arrive in the lab. It also explains the concepts behind the lab using high-quality animation. We believe this will enhance student learning in lab courses and will encourage them to think like real scientists.”

New Chapter in Lab Instruction

Today’s release includes:

JoVE Lab Manual Series, Introductory Biology I+II: A collection of 32 complete, curriculum-focused lab modules for Introductory Biology I&II lab courses. Each module facilitates an entire lab session for both instructors and students, and includes:

  • An instructor prep video identifying learning objectives and helping faculty properly set up the lab
  • An animated concepts video showing students the background science behind each lab
  • A student protocol video demonstrating exactly what the student will do in each lab
  • Printable step-by-step prep/procedures lists to help the lab course run smoothly

These offer instructors a complete package to improve student performance in lab classes.

The Lab Manual Series is the latest addition to our JoVE Science Education library, which includes hundreds of videos in disciplines ranging from physics to engineering to clinical lab skills. The JoVE Lab Manual Series is available at no additional charge to existing JoVE Unlimited subscribers.

The full press release is here.