Jisc router agreement with IOP Publishing

(23 Sep 2019) A new agreement between IOP Publishing (IOPP) and Jisc will enable the provision of journal articles published on a gold open access basis directly to institutional repositories in the UK.

Using a service called the Jisc Publications Router, IOPP will pass published articles, in their final published versions, directly to the correct institutional repositories of their authors.

Graham McCann, Head of Content and Platform at IOPP, said: “At the moment, individual researchers or librarians need to ensure that articles are deposited in institutional repositories, and the manual process for this leads to high administrative overheads and incomplete compliance.

“Our agreement with Jisc removes that burden from researchers, helping them to meet funder and institutional mandates for making publications available in these repositories.

“The deposition will also comply with the Research Excellence Framework in 2021.”

Future technical development will enable IOPP to deposit articles on a green open access basis, in their Accepted Manuscript versions, as an extension of the agreement and in compliance with IOPP’s embargo and licensing terms.

The original press release is here.