Japanese immigrants to the Americas image database

The collection launched by the Manoa Library at the University of Hawaii features 179 black/white and hand-colored images of the lantern slides, which were created and provided by the Nippon Rikkokai Foundation 日本力行会.

The Nippon Rikkokai was founded by the late paster Hyodayu Shimanuki 島貫兵太夫 in 1897 to assist Japanese people who immigrated to other counties. The main images of the lantern slides at this site are mainly of immigrants to Brazil in late 19th and early 20th century.

The database offers 179 slides and 537 images as of 25 July 2013.

For terms and conditions for permission to use the images and to visit the database click here: http://digicoll.manoa.hawaii.edu/rikkokai/index.php.