iPads, tablets and gadgets in the library

(26 February 2014, Chicago) ALA Editions announces a new iteration of its popular eCourse iPads, Tablets, and Gadgets in the Library: Planning, Budgeting, and Implementation. Rebecca Miller, Carolyn Meier and Heather Moorefield-Lang will serve as the instructors for this six-week facilitated eCourse starting on March 31, 2014.

At the end of this eCourse, you will be able to: understand your library’s/community’s needs related to tablets and other technologies; become familiar with the types of tablets and other electronic tools that can enhance library services and staff productivity; set up a multifaceted tech tool program; use tablets and other tech tools efficiently and effectively; communicate effectively with a network of individuals with the same interests regarding tech tools; stay up to date with tablets and other tech tools.

The eCourse begins on 31 March 2014. Your participation will require approximately five hours a week, at times that fit your schedule. There are no live sessions. All activities take place on the website.

For more details of the course see the press release.