IOP’s new partner journal to cover extreme manufacturing

(19 Feb 2019) IOP Publishing has been chosen by a consortium of Chinese partners to publish their new journal, the International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing (IJEM).

The new, open access journal will cover the science and technology of manufacturing functional devices and systems with extreme dimensions (extremely large or small) and/or functionalities under extreme conditions or environments.

IJEM is solely owned by the four partners:

  • Institute of Machinery Manufacturing Technology, China Academy of Engineering Physics
  • Dalian University of Technology, China
  • Fudan University, China
  • Research Center of Laser Fusion, China Academy of Engineering Physics

Thanks to funding from this partnership, IJEM will not charge article publication fees, meaning it will be free for authors to publish their research.

Extreme manufacturing is specifically manifested in manufacturing with extremely high energy density; ultrahigh precision; extremely small spatial and temporal scales; extremely intensive fields, and giant systems with extreme complexity and number of factors. It involves multidisciplinary fields, including machinery, materials, optics, physics, chemistry, mechanics, and mathematics.

Co-editor-in-chief Professor Dongming Guo, President of Dalian University of Technology, China said: “The research we publish will range from fundamental science to cutting-edge technologies that support the manufacturing of high-performance products. They will involve emerging techniques and breaking the limits of currently known theories, methods, scales, environments, and performance.”

IJEM’s other co-editor-in-chief is Professor Yongfeng Lu, from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. He said: “Inspired by the accumulated expertise of leading scholars and researchers in the field, we hope the International Journal of Extreme Manufacturingwill establish a unique international platform to promote and facilitate scientific and engineering innovation, and development in the frontiers of extreme manufacturing.”

Elaine Tham, Associate Director for IOP Publishing, said: “IJEM will serve a diverse international research community. The field is growing beyond conventional manufacturing and technologies into materials, physics and manufacturing, and could benefit research and development in industrial, infrastructure building and big facilities/devices.  We are extremely excited to launch IJEM, and very pleased that the consortium chose IOP Publishing as its partner.”

The journal opens for submissions on 28 February 2019. For more information, please visit the homepage.

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