Introducing Altmetric tools in Malaysia

(18 September 2015) The Altmetric Ambassador of the Month for September is Nader Ale Ibrahim, a visiting research fellow with the Centre for Research Services at the University of Malaya. Nader’s key research interests include bibliometrics and the ways in which researchers can use online research tools to promote their work and increase their citation counts.

Since becoming an Altmetric Ambassador, Nader has has run three workshops for researchers. The first of these took place at the College of Business at Universiti Utara Malaysia, with the title “Strategies to Increase Citation Counts”. The second took place at the University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur campus. This workshop focused on ways for researchers to create and maintain effective academic profiles, and included a series of talks on strategies for improving research visibility, reporting on research impact, and driving citations. Nader gave his most recent presentation just last week, at Universiti Utara Malaysia where he introduced the Altmetric top 100 data for 2014, as a way of demonstrating how altmetrics can illustrate public engagement with research.

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