IGI Global’s EBA Program and Open Access Initiative

(30 Nov 2019) As the open access movement continues to evolve, many institutions across Asia-Pacific, as well as Europe and the United States, are starting to rethink current transformative models that only provide discounted OA article processing charges, which does not completely solve the issue of “double-dipping.”

Unlike most other transformative models, IGI Global offers a sustainable “Read and Publish” option that does not “double-dip” within funding bodies with our OA Fee Waiver (Read and Publish) Initiative.  Available through IGI Global’s InfoSci-Books database (5,300+ e-books) and InfoSci-Journals database (185+ e-journals), we will match libraries’ investments in IGI Global resources with a fund to subsidize 100% OA article processing charges (APCs) for the institutions’ patrons. This eliminates “double-dipping,” as institutions that are already investing in IGI Global content ensure that their patrons are not paying to publish in journals that their library is paying subscription fees for.

Additionally, this initiative is also available through IGI Global’s Evidence-Based Acquisitions program, which is a cost-effective solution for acquiring content that meets the needs of institutions’ patrons, maximizes libraries’ ROI, and permits librarians to make informed decisions based on usage. IGI Global is highly flexible and well-versed in EBA offerings, whether it is for individual institutions or consortia.

With notable customers such as Deakin University, La Trobe University, and Chongqing University investing in IGI Global content and taking advantage of these initiatives, and with 27,000+ IGI Global contributions from Asia-Pacific, interest in this program is growing as it increases the availability of peer-reviewed OA content.

If any institutions are interested in discussing how to take advantage of IGI Global’s EBA programs and OA Fee Waiver Initiative, feel free to contact Mr. Darren Viollet, IGI Global’s Director of Sales for Asia-Pacific, at dviollet@igi-global.com or +61 (0) 419 875 240, or your iGroup representative.