IGI Global expecting huge growth of its eBooks collection

(19 August 2016) IGI Global has announced a major database expansion due to the growth of its book collection. Throughout the next copyright year, IGI Global will publish over 400 new peer-reviewed reference titles which can be utilized by researchers in the InfoSci-Books database.

The expanding collection contains two new book types, Research Insights and Critical Explorations, that were developed based on customer demand:

  • Research Insights are comprehensive, authored publications that cover emerging research on a variety of topics. This new book type will provide an in-depth look at niche areas of research.
  • Critical Explorations are mini-compilations of full-text content which include an overview of peer-review content that is useful to undergraduate and graduate students. These new multi-volume publications will gather crucial information for you and your students.

These two new types of publications will become part of the existing IGI Global book collection, which also contains:

  • Encyclopedias: In-depth research coverage and expansive knowledge focused on a particular discipline or topic area. They are published in 3-10 volume sets.
  • Multi-Volume Books: Compilations of research-based articles and chapters of the cutting edge research being conducted in a particular field of study. These publications are 3-4 volume sets.
  • Research Essentials: A collection of advanced and timely resources that cover niche topics in a variety of subjects and are perfect for supplementary course usage.
  • Handbooks of Research: Organized compendiums of full-length chapters on a variety of topics within the overarching theme. These one-stop resources are published in 1, 2, or 3 volume sets.
  • Edited Monographs: Collections included in our Premier Reference Sources catalog that are led by experts across a variety of disciplines and delve into various research pertinent to those studying in the field.
  • Case Books: Edited collections of teaching cases that provide real-world examples and      scenarios which can assist in applying research-based methodologies and tools in practical settings.

When your university or institution subscribes to InfoSci-Books, a complete collection of over 3,400 titles, you can utilize all IGI Global e-books in PDF and XML, allowing you to download, print, and share the research.  Librarians can request free access here.

For further details contact your iGroup representative.