IGI Global Executive Editor’s Asia keynote tour to raise the industry standard

(16 October 2017, Hershey, PA) IGI Global’s Executive Editor, Dr. Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, will be doing a keynote tour throughout Asia in partnership with iGroup, and will be emphasizing the collaboration between librarians, researchers, publishers, content distributors and indexing and abstracting services to maintain and improve scientific knowledge.

He will be speaking at various IGCLC conferences including:

  • “IGCLC: Shaping the Future Library Services through People & Skills Conference” in Malaysia on 1 November.
  •  “IGCLC: Library Services of the Future: People & Technology” in Singapore on 2 November.
  •  “IGCLC: Transforming Library Services-Driven by Demand & Technology” in Hong Kong on 3 November.
  • “IGCLC: Transforming Library Services-Driven by Demand & Technology” in the Shanghai Conference 7 November.

During his keynotes, he will be overviewing how, in the past decade, there has been a significant level of discussion surrounding ethical research and publication standards and the need for a higher level of vigilance. However, there has not been much discussion regarding the quality of the content published in the scientific arena.

In many parts of the world, predatory publishers have been practicing an archaic and unsound “pay-to-play” model, and publishing scientific content that has not been rigorously peer-reviewed and vetted, thus impacting the accuracy of the information presented.  As materials that are not properly vetted and peer-reviewed are then widely distributed, it deeply affects the integrity of research results and contaminates the streams of knowledge generation and transfer; thus creating a catastrophic result in different research areas.

“It is the collaborative responsibility of librarians, researchers, publishers, content distributors and indexing and abstracting services to help stop this scientific knowledge contamination,” stated Dr. Khosrow-Pour. “By applying accurate criteria, they can safeguard the integrity of scientific knowledge and provide the research community access to more accurate and reliable scientific content.”

For more information about his tour and please contact EResources@igi-global.com.

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