IEEE and collaborate to launch innovation discovery and analytics tool: InnovationQ Plus

(15 February 2016) IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, and, a global leader in intellectual property solutions, have collaborated to launch InnovationQ Plus. This new, easy-to-use discovery and analytics platform combines deep engineering knowledge from the vast library of IEEE content with’s global patent and non-patent literature into a single, integrated solution that unlocks critical business information contained in technical documents and accelerates innovation, discovery of key insights, and time to market. The announcement was made today at the annual Association of University Technology Manager’s Conference (AUTM).

Powered by’s proprietary cognitive retrieval engine, InnovationQ Plus rapidly sifts through tens of millions of documents to quickly and efficiently pinpoint relevant and accurate information from a collection of more than 70 million patents, applications, and invention disclosures plus more than 3 million published documents from IEEE journals, conferences, and standards. The system also includes PubMed Central and’s own Prior Art Database.’s proprietary semantic search technology enables any user to find and visualize valuable content that is buried deep in complex patent and technical documents, resulting in more accurate retrieval that a simple keyword search cannot replicate.

“InnovationQ Plus can significantly improve how anyone involved in the patent or innovation process makes critical decisions regarding intellectual property development, management, and strategy,” said Sheila Hemami, Vice President, IEEE Publication Services and Products. “The fact that IEEE publications have proven to be critical to the patent process creates the foundation for a unique solution for IP professionals.”

Studies have shown that IEEE publications are critical to the patent process: IEEE is cited in patents three times more often than any other publisher. InnovationQ Plus allows users to quickly and easily determine patent strengths and weaknesses, evaluate competition, make legal assessments, and leverage IP business intelligence to support critical portfolio management decisions.

“We are thrilled to bring InnovationQ Plus to market with IEEE,” said John Bonin, Chief Executive Officer, “The depth of resources, speed and ease-of-use of the cognitive retrieval engine, and the world-class analytics and visualizations useful to IP, engineering, marketing and other business professionals is a powerful combination.”

InnovationQ Plus enables users to concurrently and cognitively query IEEE and relevant innovation content. It is available immediately through both IEEE and

The announcement is here.