HKBU Chinese Medicinal Material Images Database

The School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) recently launched the Chinese Medicinal Material Images Database (CMMID), the first of its kind in Hong Kong. The CMMID documents photographs of and detailed information about over 420 crude drugs commonly used in Chinese medicine and is linked to the Medicinal Plant Images Database which was also set up by the School.

The CMMID serves as an important teaching and learning platform for the subjects of Chinese materia medica and authentification of Chinese materia medica. The links between the two databases help students to systematically associate the knowledge acquired in the course of their studies. As an open-access database, it also serves as a good e-learning tool for any Chinese medicine learner around the world, and plays an important role in promoting the popularistion and internationalisation of Chinese medicine.

The CMMID, a collaborative effort of the SCM and the University Library of HKBU, can be accessed free of charge by anyone around the world. A simple search function facilitates quick access to records containing annotated, high quality photographs and detailed drug information, including source, origins, description, quality, taste and clinical indications. There is also an illustration of selected microstructures of the drugs.

Links to the Medicinal Plants Images Database and Chinese Medicinal Material Images Database are here: