High Performance Alloys Database from CINDAS

(February 2015)  The High Performance Alloys Database (HPAD) is now available from CINDAS LLC. HPAD comprises 81 chapters on high performance alloys used in the oil/gas, chemical processing, power generation and transportation industries. Approximately 15-18 chapters will be added in 2015, with the database scheduled to be complete in 2016 at which time it will be regularly updated and expanded continually with carefully selected alloys. The alloys chosen for inclusion in the database are those of particular interest to the researchers in those industries and the chapters include detailed data on corrosion testing and joining. The web-based HPAD has the same interactive features as the ASMD, TPMD and MPMD databases.

View the HPAD Table of Contents and try the HPAD demo.

Also on the way is the Aerospace and High Performance Alloys Database (AHAD). The AHAD was created by CINDAS to address the needs of clients in all industries. It is a combination of the HPAD and ASMD into a powerful database with alloys of importance in all industries requiring high performance alloy data. The inaugural release of the AHAD is scheduled for the first quarter of 2015. It is web based and updated and expanded continually with carefully selected alloys.

For more about the AHAD including an instructional video, click here.

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