The Google Books decision: what it is and why it is important for libraries

(25 November 2015) Mr Jonathan Band J.D was a guest speaker at an EIFL webinar on 24 November 2015 on the Google Books decision, what it is and why it is important for libraries.

The presentation examined the background to the Google Books case that began over a decade ago in 2004, as well as the important Hathi Trust case from 2014, setting the scene in many ways for the decision on 16 October 2015 of Judge Pierre Leval that the Google Books Project does not infringe US copyright law.

Questions included whether different critieria for public domain material in different countries impact what is viewable globally in Google books, whether the decision is considered final in the US, how EU countries that don’t have fair use can make electronic accessible format copies for persons with disabilities.

Download the webinar slides or view the webinar recording here.

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