Global Innovation Index 2015: China, Malaysia, Viet Nam and India outperform

(17 September 2015) Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United States of America are the world’s five most innovative nations, according to the Global Innovation Index 2015, while China, Malaysia, Viet Nam, India, Jordan, Kenya, and Uganda are among a group of countries outperforming their economic peers.

With half of its economies in the top 40, South East Asia and Oceania maintains its innovation dynamism this year. While Singapore (7th) and Hong Kong (China) (11th) remain at the top of the regional rankings, the Republic of Korea (14th), New Zealand (15th) and Japan (19th) are also within the top 20. The region’s performance is also boosted by China (29th) and Malaysia (32nd), but also the positive developments in Viet Nam (52nd), Philippines (83rd) and Cambodia (91st).

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