Free WiFi hotspots top 12,000 in Hong Kong

12 February 2015) The number of Wi-Fi.HK hotspots in Hong Kong has risen to more than 12,000 across the city’s 18 districts, providing convenient and free public WiFi services to the community and visitors.

A total of 12 universities and tertiary institutions, plus Ngong Ping 360 have recently joined the scheme.

Wi-Fi.HK hotspots are now available at the airport, major tourist attractions, public phone booths, shopping centres, convenience stores, Cyberport, Science Park and GovWiFi premises.

The service will also be introduced at Ocean Park in the third quarter of this year.

People can enjoy free WiFi services by connecting to the Wi-Fi.HK network with their smartphones or mobile devices at venues displaying the Wi-Fi.HK sign without having to register first.

This is an initiative of the 2014 Digital 21 Strategy is to promote the common Wi-Fi brand, “Wi-Fi.HK”.

The announcement is here.