The ‘F’ word…overheard along the concourse

By Rajendra Munoo (Head of Learning Services & Research Librarian) and Yuyun Wirawati Ishak (Head of Information Services), SMU Libraries

(14 September 2017) Have you been duped by #FakeNews and #AlternativeFacts recently? If you are relying on social media for your daily diet of news, information and gossip, then you should, by now, be flabbergasted about the recent media coverage about fake news especially via Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Singapore Management University Libraries

When the SMU Blog approached us write something about fake news and alternative facts, we were baffled as we recalled that this topic has been discussed extensively since November 2016 – fueled by the US election, prompting much analysis and debate, and even research that promised automated fake detection and news verification. However, after giving it some thought, the authors felt that some contextualisation was indeed needed to help students, especially freshmen embarking on their first university project, to become more discerning, do more fact checking, question more, develop critical thinking skills, build up on information and media literacy skills, etc.

Ironically, the big question now is how do we separate the wheat from the chaff?

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