The Experience Area of National Digital Library of China is exhibited in 2016 Chinese Library Annual Conference

(4 November 2016) Through virtual reality, human-machine interaction, video and so on, the Experience Area of the National Digital Library of China displayed the development achievements of the Digital Library Promotion Project, including network interconnection, unified user authentication, cooperative development and sharing of resources, and library big data application. It also provided interactive experiences for the audience, such as the National Library Open Course, Wenjin Classic Reading, Mobile Reading, and so on.

The 13th Five-year Plan Period is an important period to promote socialist culture construction. In the new situation, based on the Digital Library Promotion Project, the NLC will further promote the development and service ability of digital libraries at various levels, and promote network integration of digital libraries by big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things technologies. The NLC will provide public digital culture services for the public based on new media technology; the NLC will promote modern public culture service system construction with the aid of “Internet Plus”. By strengthening the information technology infrastructure the NLC will promote nationwide reading and scholarly society construction.

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