Expanding library impact through open access digitization

(8 June 2017) Located in central Singapore, just minutes away from the city’s main shopping district, sits the first and only tropical botanic garden listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Established at its present site in 1859, the Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG) covers 82 hectares and is home to thousands of plant species.

Since 1875, the SBG Library has supported research at the Gardens. Over the years, the Library has amassed a large collection of rare and scholarly literature and artworks that are housed in climate-controlled spaces. Access to these materials has traditionally been limited to privileged, on-site researchers. Recently, to increase the accessibility and impact of these collections, the SBG Library has embarked on an extensive preservation and digitization program.

Grace Costantino, Outreach and Communications Manager of the Biodiversity Heritage Library describes the library, its digitization project and availability of the digitized documents.

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