Elsevier launches Health Library to accelerate patient education, engagement and outcomes via direct access to trusted content

(20 July 2015) Elsevier has launched a consumer-focused Health Library designed to engage patients by facilitating access to accurate, timely, easy-to-understand content on thousands of healthcare topics and issues. The digital library, developed by the Patient Engagement group in Elsevier Clinical Solutions, helps hospitals and healthcare institutions inform and engage patients, strengthening these organizations’ credibility as a trusted healthcare resource and building long-term loyalty and commitment among patients.

Healthcare organizations (HCOs) have the option of implementing the Health Library through their public-facing websites or patient portals where they can easily integrate and reinforce institutional branding through logos, slogans, messaging and color schemes. In addition, as providers move to value base care they need to build patient loyalty through tools that can distinguish them in the community. The Health Library is part of the Elsevier Patient Engagement suite of solutions offered to hospitals, health systems and medical groups to enhance consumer engagement and encourage positive health outcomes. Related solutions focus on patient education via Interactive Patient Education, and Patient Data Collection via partner solution Tonic Health.

“As a new and valuable component of our Elsevier Patient Engagement suite of solutions, Health Library offers the quality and depth of content that savvy healthcare consumers seek to remain engaged in managing their own health and achieving positive health outcomes,” said Sonika Mathur, Senior Vice President for Patient Engagement, Elsevier Clinical Solutions. “No other portal or online health information database offers healthcare consumers and providers the kind of deep, trusted content that enables management of conditions, diseases and medications and achievement of lifelong wellness. The trusted content providers use in their clinical process is now available for their patient populations.”

The Health Library’s user-friendly design allows consumers to easily search thousands of health topics, treatments and medications in both English and Spanish. Consumers can also search by a specific condition or diagnosis like asthma, diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or move through an easy-to-skim, A-to-Z list of healthcare topics.

For more information on the Elsevier Patient Engagement suite of solutions, visit http://www.elsevierpatientengagement.com/.

The press release is here.