EDP Sciences and the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences conclude agreement on article processing charges

(4 Jun 2020)  EDP Sciences and the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSLC) are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of an agreement on article processing charges (APCs) which enables all corresponding authors affiliated with eligible Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) academic institutes to publish open access, at a discounted rate, in a range of EDP Sciences journals.

The agreement applies to all fully open access or hybrid journals published by EDP Sciences. Upon submission, corresponding authors of eligible CAS academic institutes will be identified automatically and a 20% discount applied to their APC. Once published, their articles will be freely available in open access. APCs will also include the ‘Liberty APC’ which allows the corresponding author to decide the level of the charge (from 0 to 900 Euros) to which the 20% discount will then be applied.

CAS authors represent a growing number of EDP Sciences corresponding authors and they will now be able to publish under a CC-BY licence. In so doing, their research and expertise will become available to a wider, international audience. The agreement is for one year initially and can be extended by mutual agreement.

“I think this cooperation will play an active role in the further improvement of EDP Sciences’ influence in CAS and in attracting CAS authors and readers,” commented Mrs Zhao Yan, Assistant to the Director, NSLC.

“It is hugely exciting working closely with such a prestigious research institution as CAS to facilitate the work of its academics and researchers in a cost effective way,” observed Liping Liu, China Regional Director at EDP Sciences. “In turn, this enables us to better serve the global academic community by supporting the timely exchange of research.”

The original press release is here.