EBSCO Information Services partners with protocols.io

(21 Jan 2020) A new strategic partnership between EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) and protocols.io is designed to support the research ecosystem. Researchers, publishers, and academic institutions will benefit from a research workflow that is open, connected, reproducible and interoperable. EBSCO’s investment in protocols.io highlights the importance of supporting services that extend and connect the publication of an article to its core analysis, and ongoing impact. As part of the agreement, EBSCO will leverage its global presence to expand the reach and impact of protocols.io to research institutions around the world.

protocols.io allows researchers to create and share research protocols and methods. The platform helps researchers develop, organize, troubleshoot and disseminate methods before, during and after publication. It also helps institutions maintain stewardship over an important component of research output. While protocols.io is free to anyone who shares their work openly, individual, group or site-wide enterprise licenses are available for private use.

The full press release is here.