Digital leadership report highlights progress in universities

(22 Mar 2019)  As technology adapts at an exponential rate and becomes more and more ingrained in people’s day to day lives, it will continue to be a key asset that higher education institutions (HEIs) must make the most of to help with these and other goals.

HEIs also have a responsibility to prepare students for the changing job market as we enter the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0. In our sector, we call this Education 4.0. Enabling student contact with new and emerging technologies as part of learning will help equip them for the workplace and teach them how to adapt to the next wave of digital innovation.

But what technologies do universities see as the most important for their organisations, and how are they using these technologies to support organisational strategies?

Developed with UCISA, Jisc’s new report, digital leadership in HE: improving student experience and optimising service delivery (pdf),  addresses these questions, using a survey of 50 UK university leaders and interviews/focus groups with 25 HEIs.

Find out more on the result and download the report here.