Department of Defence (Australia) hiring Deputy Director Research Information Resources and Infrastructure

(19 November 2018) The Deputy Director – Research Information Resources and Infrastructure (DDRIRI) provides strategic leadership and domain advice on information resources and infrastructure. This encompasses content and collection management, information systems, and eDelivery services to clients. DDRIRI is responsible for the development of a high functioning team to scope, manage, and deliver a broad array of complex and interdependent services and resources, facilitated by efficient business operations and quality service continuity, this includes enhancing and expanding DST’s digital resources and services. Enhancing and expanding RIS’s digital resources and services is a significant set of interlinked requirements for DDRIRI, with initial opportunity areas in our library management and discovery systems. The ideal candidate will provide team leadership and technical understanding of electronic resource and service implementation and management, This position is a Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Level 6 Initiate/Influence position.

The closing date is 3 December 2018.

ALIA has the job description.