Credo Reference introducing Research Quick Tips: new video feature cultivates research skills while students search

Credo Reference announced the addition of Research Quick Tips to Credo Online Reference Service, its popular exploratory research platform as a standard feature moving forward. The concise videos, embedded throughout the platform, offer research guidance for students while they are working in the platform. The new feature marks the latest in a series of innovations by the company to support library instruction around information literacy and critical thinking skill development.

“Starting a research project can be challenging, particularly for students who believe they have the necessary skills to conduct post-secondary research, but in reality do not,” said Credo’s general manager, Ian Singer. “Research Quick Tips offer an integrated approach for students to learn fundamental research techniques and then apply them within the same research platform. It’s another major enhancement toward establishing Credo Online Reference Service as much more than an A-to-Z database, one that is increasingly used by librarians in instructional settings.”

Adapted from Credo’s Learning Tools instructional materials, Research Quick Tips help students select their topics, find relevant sources, avoid bias in their searches, and more. Credo’s authoritative videos quickly and effectively present students with strategies and techniques needed to conduct proper research. Best of all, students remain in the platform where they can immediately use what they’ve just learned from the videos to conduct research within Credo’s wealth of scholarly content alongside other award-winning features such as the Mind Map brainstorming tool, topic pages, Key Concepts, and more.

For the full announcement, see here.