Copyright Clearance Center announces RightsLink for Scientific Communications

(9 Oct 2019) Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a leader in advancing copyright, accelerating knowledge, and powering innovation, announces the release of RightsLink for Scientific Communications, formerly RightsLink Author, which builds on a market-leading platform to help publishers quickly model and support a wide variety of transformative agreements. Moreover, CCC offers professional services that help organizations address the ever-evolving user expectations, promote a data-driven culture, and drive business model innovation.

In building RightsLink for Scientific Communications, CCC worked closely with its customers, their OA stakeholders, and RightsLink partners to create a robust and flexible platform that meets current market needs and anticipates future requirements. RightsLink for Scientific Communications supports Read and Publish, Publish and Read, Pure Open Access, Deposit, Membership, and many more emerging transformative agreements.

Designed by Open Access and publishing experts, RightsLink for Scientific Communications delivers sophisticated workflow tools that enable the funding, payment, management and reporting of Open Access and related publication charges. RightsLink is used by more than 30 of the world’s leading publishers and almost 80 institutions, representing nearly 2,000 journals and authors from over 125 countries.

“Publishers are making the transition to Open Access by leveraging transformative agreements which enable compliance with global initiatives such as Plan S and Horizon 2020,” said Gretchen Gasser-Ellis, Vice President and Managing Director, Publisher Solutions, CCC. “Publishers of all sizes and disciplines are racing to build and strengthen existing Open Access strategies to reflect the changing demands of the marketplace, simplify editorial and payment workflows, test new business models and update or replace legacy systems.”

The University of California and Cambridge University Press recently entered into a transformative agreement that will advance the global shift toward an Open Access future for research. This transformative agreement relies on RightsLink to codify the agreement terms, automate funding approval and provide reporting, dashboards and notifications to all parties. In addition, De Gruyter also just announced expanded use of RightsLink to manage its Read and Publish deals.

Authors are looking for simplified and flexible options when choosing where and how to publish. Not all authors are funded, and thus multiple workflows are required to support funded authors, unfunded authors and new deals requiring no author involvement in the APC payment workflow.

Institutions and funders need to trust that even the most complex transformative agreements are managed accurately and in an automated way, and that funding approval is granted by the right party at the right time, every time. RightsLink for Scientific Communications is designed to support the unique needs of institutions and funders. This may include granting approvals one transaction at a time or delivering fully automated workflows and detailed reporting of authors and, when manuscripts are published as Open Access, through Read and Publish or other transformative agreements.

Publishers are looking for automated workflows that drive out costs and honor terms of agreements with institutions and funders during the transition from annual subscription models to Open Access/APC funding models. Plan S, Horizon 2020 and other initiatives require compliance with numerous mandates. Publishers want solutions that allow them to quickly test and refine their offerings as the market evolves.

RightsLink sets the standard in the market with its award-winning customer service to authors, publishers, funders and institutions. Authors have one-click access to an experienced RightsLink Customer Service professional well-versed in Open Access, author charges, manuscript workflows and more.

The full press release can be found here.