Clarivate Analytics and the Chinese Academy of Sciences release annual joint report to identify 137 Research Fronts

(26 Nov 2019) Clarivate Analytics plc (NYSE: CCC; CCC.WS), a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences today released their joint report “Research Fronts 2019” to identify the hottest and emerging specialty areas in scientific research from 2013 to 2018. This is the sixth annual collaborative report between the two organizations and it was launched at today’s joint forum held at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

The 2019 report identifies a total of 137 Research Fronts, including 100 hot and 37 emerging specialties spanning 10 broad research areas in sciences and social sciences. Research Fronts are formed when clusters of highly cited papers are frequently cited together, reflecting a specific commonality in the research – sometimes experimental data, a method, a concept or a hypothesis. The ability to identify these Research Fronts and to track emerging specialty areas of research provides a distinct advantage for governments, policy makers, publishers, research administrators and others who monitor, support and advance the conduct of research, often in the face of finite resources.

Working in collaboration with both the Institute of Science and Development, and the National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, bibliometric experts from the Web of Science Group, a Clarivate Analytics company, utilized the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database which is built on the foundation of the Web of Science index to do co-citation analysis. The 2019 report starts from 10,587 Research Fronts in ESI from 2013 to 2018 and aims to discover which Research Fronts were most active or developing most rapidly. Analysts at the Chinese Academy of Sciences also analyzed the 137 Research Fronts provided by the Web of Science Group in great depth and interpreted them to highlight 30 key Research Fronts of particular interest.

For the full press release, see here.