China Cultural Center turns new page with digital library

(30 December 2016) A digital library of China Cultural Center was launched Thursday 29 December in Beijing to provide better information service to readers abroad and to better promote Chinese culture.

The online library, a joint initiative of the Bureau for External Cultural Relations of the Ministry of Culture and the National Library, will be a crucial addition to libraries at Chinese culture centers in different countries of the world. The first batch of digital resources total more than 2,200, covering areas of Chinese literature, history, culture and society, including 200 ancient books, over 1,200 contemporary books, 20 latest journals, 10 online exhibitions, as well as 1,000 audio, video and Internet resources.

China has so far set up 30 culture centers abroad, including France, Germany, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Belarus. Through document services and regular activities, such as language teaching, exhibitions and lectures, they serve as important portals to introduce Chinese culture abroad and to enhance cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

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