CAS continues to provide unparalleled discoverability of chemistry with the launch of ChemZentTM

(28 June 2016, Columbus, OH)  CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society introduces ChemZent, a new solution available for purchase in SciFinder. ChemZent delivers the complete collection of approximately three million abstracts from Chemisches Zentralblatt, the oldest compendium of chemistry abstracts dating from 1830-1969.

ChemZent brings unique value to researchers, professors, students and information professionals at institutions and companies around the world. The integration of ChemZent within SciFinder allows researchers to explore, discover and isolate historic chemistry information using familiar SciFinder features as part of their normal workflow.

Substances and concepts in ChemZent are collected from the original German abstracts, enhanced with English translation and indexed for ease of discoverability. Other ChemZent features improve efficiencies:

  • Abstract markers pinpoint the location of the abstract within original German PDF
  • CAS controlled vocabulary promotes discoverability
  • Original German and English translated abstracts available for print and export

“Many of the foundational theories and hypotheses that influenced the chemistry landscape of today can be found in Chemisches Zentralblatt,” said Dr. Matthew J. Toussant, senior vice president of product and content operations at CAS. “Before ChemZent was integrated into SciFinder, it was virtually impossible to do an exhaustive search of this historic compendium of chemistry abstracts. Researchers had to dig through the archive without search capabilities, and the language barrier also limited the benefits. With ChemZent, CAS is now providing an efficient means to rediscover this treasured historic compilation within the existing SciFinder workflow, ensuring access to the most comprehensive research results to fuel scientific innovation.”

The full announcement is here.