CAS announces SciFindern, a new research experience that elevates scientific discovery

(21 August 2016, Columbus, OH)  CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society (ACS), announced today that SciFindern will be available Spring 2017. This powerful solution will provide new and unique authoritative content, superior functionality and enhanced workflow features to help researchers be exponentially more productive.

SciFindern is made possible by the global network of CAS scientists analyzing and organizing the world’s publicly disclosed chemistry and related scientific information that is the foundation of SciFindern. This unparalleled human curation, coupled with the latest innovations in technology and cognitive computing capabilities enable SciFindern to provide the best possible answers to scientific inquiry.

SciFindern will change the way scientists conduct research by providing access to expanded content along with the most relevant search results. Enhanced tools will help users optimally leverage information, dramatically reducing the time spent combing through answers. The entire research experience will be best in class, so users can quickly turn ideas into actions:  advancing promising new discoveries, validating research and dismissing less productive ideas.

“The power of “n” shines the spotlight on scientists,” said Dr. Matthew J. Toussant, senior vice president of product and content operations at CAS. “Compared to other information products, researchers who are testing SciFindern are confirming this new solution is significantly faster, easier to use and returns the best answers to their queries. A leading scientist remarked, ‘I almost feel guilty…I should have to work harder to find this information.”

SciFindern was announced during the ACS National Meeting, where preeminent researchers gather to share and exchange ideas related to chemistry and related sciences. ACS is the world’s largest scientific society and draws thousands of participants to its biannual national meetings each year.

More information on SciFindern will be available in the coming months; visit the CAS website to stay up to date on the latest developments.

The announcement is here.