CAS announces complimentary beta version of Chemistry Class AdvantageTM®

(19 August 2016, Columbus, OH) CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society (ACS), announces a complimentary beta version of Chemistry Class Advantage, a new learning solution for undergraduate organic chemistry students.

Organized by topics taught in the classroom, Chemistry Class Advantage harnesses the power of SciFinder and research published in journal articles to help teach organic chemistry students to learn chemistry by critically evaluating the research literature. Chemistry Class Advantage will help faculty instruct students to:

  • refine their understanding of the organic chemistry topics being studied in class
  • review real-world reactions that illustrate the empirical nature of chemistry
  • leverage published research to learn critical aspects of organic chemistry
  • critically read and evaluate research literature

“Earlier this year, CAS worked with organic chemistry faculty from undergraduate institutions to create lessons used in Chemistry Class Advantage,” said Christine M. McCue, vice president, CAS marketing. “The goal of this new solution, enhanced through SciFinder skills application as well as journal articles from ACS Publications, is to help students to begin to think more like researchers. Covering eight topics from alcohols to alpha carbon chemistry, the beta version of Chemistry Class Advantage comprises 62 available lessons across the organic chemistry curriculum.”

After a successful spring pilot with faculty and students, CAS is now providing free access to the beta version of Chemistry Class Advantage to faculty teaching undergraduate organic chemistry this fall. As an added benefit, all students participating in the fall beta are eligible to receive a complimentary one-year student membership in the ACS.

To participate, interested faculty may send an email request to with a subject line of “Chemistry Class Advantage Beta.”

The announcement is here.