Cambridge University Press launches digital textbooks on Cambridge Core

(2 July 2018) For the first time, Cambridge University Press is launching digital institutional access to its leading Higher Education textbooks.

The release of digital textbooks on Cambridge Core – the Press’s online platform for books and journals – comes in response to customer demands and marks an important step in a journey to provide a wide range of affordable and flexible access models to instructors, students, and institutions around the world.

The Press publishes a broad selection of current and pedagogically robust textbooks, designed to support the needs of instructors and their students in undergraduate and graduate courses across the sciences, engineering, mathematics, social sciences and humanities. Cambridge textbooks are developed with authors and academics working on the latest research and technological developments, enabling them to deliver stimulating and forward-thinking material coupled with a strong pedagogical framework and resources that support successful teaching and learning journeys.

The key features of textbooks on Cambridge Core include:

  • Access to over 300 leading Higher Education textbooks at launch with more to follow
  • Unlimited concurrent users
  • Annual access provided on a title-by-title basis
  • New editions available upon publication
  • Extensive bibliographic reference functionality
  • Easy navigation and LMS integration

Matt Bennett, Director of Higher Education Publishing, said; “Making our Higher Education textbooks available on Cambridge Core is a critical step in our ongoing efforts to partner with instructors, students, and institutions to provide innovative access models that can significantly reduce student cost for important course materials while delivering the benefits of our industry-leading Cambridge Core platform and the powerful array of tools and content available therein. In the changing, and challenging, educational environment of today’s universities, Cambridge is dedicated to publishing accessible, affordable, high-quality material for use in courses around the globe, in a wide range of formats that help support student engagement with the material and improved learning outcomes.”

Cambridge Higher Education textbooks will be available on Cambridge Core from July 2018 on an unlimited concurrent user basis, meaning no arbitrary limits or controls on usage across customer institutions. Titles are available on a flexible annual lease structure offering the option to provide access on a title-by-title basis instead of being obligated to purchase a larger collection.

For more information about textbooks on Cambridge Core, please visit the Textbooks homepage or FAQ page.

The announcement is here.