British Academy report offers new evidence about the impact of Open Access journal publishing

 (17 April 2014)  A new British Academy report offers the first full evidence-based analysis of the impact of UK Open Access policies on the current pattern of humanities and social science journal publishing.

The report, Open Access journals in Humanities and Social Science, investigates some of the major issues involved in the UK’s Open Access agenda, seeking to examine various practical issues and difficulties that may arise, particularly in ‘green’ open-access journal publishing.

Author of the report and Publications Secretary at the British Academy, Professor Chris Wickham, said: “Far too much of the current UK Open Access debate has been based on very little evidence, particularly in the large humanities and social science sector. This project, funded by HEFCE and run by the British Academy, aimed to change that, and I believe it has. I hope that the conclusions of the report will shift the field of debate.”

Key issues and findings are summarized here.