Binumi offers education’s largest multimedia library

(31 July 2015) With video playing an increasingly important role in people’s daily lives, an easy-to-use video maker called Binumi is instantly transforming students into storytellers. acts as the single online source for more than 2.5 million royalty-free multimedia clips. Using just a web browser, students are able to drag-and-drop their own content into a simple video editor alongside hi-resolution images, video and music clips from the world’s largest educational multimedia content library.

The video maker gives every educator and student the ability to take an adventure through the jungle, dive into the deep oceans, journey through faraway countries, visit moments in history, experience different cultures and explore subjects such as biology, physics and astronomy with state of the art 3D animations.

With more than 3,000 curated video collections based on academic vocabulary and dozens of storyboarded, educational Video Projects, Binumi is helping to make the power of teaching, learning and video communication accessible to people around the world.

Binumi is currently available in more than 70 universities in Thailand, Deakin University in Australia and the National University of Singapore.

Libraries can benefit from Binumi’s full eLearning platform which is accessible via individual login through web browsers on tablets, Macs or PCs. Every user has their own account that includes all library content, amazing editing tools, resources and personal cloud storage.

Another option for libraries is Binumi’s IP Interface solution that provides direct access to the service’s near-endless multimedia content. The IP Interface allows users to browse and download any of Binumi’s royalty-free video, audio or image clips with authentication made automatically through their library’s IP address.

Sign up for free at and enter voucher code NBQSEPXL to upgrade to unlimited e-learning membership for one month.