bibliotheca brings the best of new product portfolio to ALA

(June 21, 2016) Committed to supporting library missions across the globe, bibliotheca is pleased to announce a new, long-term product set. This brings together the best of both the original bibliotheca and 3M Library Systems, creating a more focused and efficient portfolio for customers. The combination of resources and knowledge allows bibliotheca to provide customers with industry-leading support, a wider selection and continued innovation.

With a focus on self-service offerings, cloud technology and staff efficiency solutions, librarians and patrons alike have much to look forward to, including:

  • Expanded quickConnect software on all self-service products, designed to maximize your impact while you have their attention: This award-winning software has been significantly enhanced over the last eight months, and its unique features make it a benchmark for self-service products across the globe. quickConnect allows libraries to bridge the physical and digital worlds by linking to the cloudLibrary digital lending solution, which enables patrons to discover and check-out digital titles, in addition to encouraging discovery of new physical titles and engaging patrons with the ability to promote events. quickConnect is designed to help libraries evolve with their communities and find new ways to connect with patrons.
  • A dedicated, single-access portal to manage all bibliotheca solutions from the new portfolio: libraryConnect is a newly designed site to help librarians reduce the amount of time spent on chasing down necessary information and data. Remote access to comprehensive, real time data and status allows for easier centralized management of your critical equipment. This portal also provides access to our portfolio documentation, training and support, and user forums, ensuring customers can get the best out of their investment.
  • Online patron registration capability removes barriers to new library users while driving more circ: Libraries who currently have the capability to offer online registration can now offer that same service directly through the cloudLibrary. New patrons can sign up for a library card right in the app and be reading in seconds.
  • Pre-publication holds to help with collection development planning: Patrons can now place holds on pre-pub titles, allowing collection development managers the ability to better plan for demand in their libraries.
  • New specific categories for Teens and Kids titles: The cloudLibrary will now offer additional sections specific for youth and young adults, which will help tailor searches and discovery. The bibliotheca collection development team was heavily involved in the work of adding new BISAC codes to better accommodate young readers.

New for cloudLibrary:

“Our customers strive every day to meet the needs of their communities in a fast-paced, consistently-changing world,” said Matt Tempelis, president of bibliotheca Americas. “Our industry-leading product range has been expanded in order to offer libraries new opportunities to captivate and connect with their patrons. The continued integration, innovation and expansion of our product line is a testament to our commitment to the important work they do.”

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