bibliotheca announces rebrand as it continues to lead the way in library solutions

(14 August 2017, Manchester, UK) Today, bibliotheca, the industry leader in library security, productivity, and digital solutions, unveiled its new brand and logo – the final chapter of its merger with 3M Library Systems. 

When bibliotheca merged with 3M Library Systems in October of 2015, a transitional logo and tagline, “bibliotheca + 3M, the best of both worlds,” was developed to communicate bibliotheca’s commitment to integrating the best of both companies for the benefit of its customers.

“3M Library Systems had more than 45 years of history in the library business, and we want to make sure those long-standing customers know that the history, experience, and knowledge came to bibliotheca with the merger,” said Matthew Bellamy, Chief Commercial Officer, bibliotheca. “We are now fully established as a new business, while still retaining the best elements from the individual companies. We worked hard to create a branding that represented that to our customers.”

The new logo preserves the use of bibliotheca in black and features three red pillars set slightly askew to resemble books on a shelf. The three pillars create an abstract letter “M” – an homage to our past – and represent our aspirations for the libraries we partner with: connect, engage, and evolve. Beneath the logo, the tagline, “transforming libraries,” speaks to bibliotheca’s mission to transform staff operations and user experiences so libraries can connect with people in new ways.

“We are dedicated to helping libraries connect, engage, and evolve with their communities. The needs of libraries and their users are ever changing, and bibliotheca is here to anticipate and address those needs as they arise,” said Darren Ratcliffe, UK Managing Director, bibliotheca.

For over 45 years, bibliotheca has dedicated research and development efforts to serve the evolving needs of libraries around the world. We have offices in all the major continents and support more than 30,000 libraries in 70 countries through dedicated distributors.

The press release in full is here.