Bb Student – Now available on Apple, Android and Windows

(18 January 2016) Blackboard has announced Bb Student – a new mobile application built for the needs of learners, now available across the globe on Apple, Android & Windows platforms. Bb Student has been built from the ground up founded on Blackboard’s new design language to deliver a delightful, fun & intuitive experience for students to access and engage with their learning ecosystem.

The app immediately presents learners with a stream of updates and  engagement to digest and act on pertinent items. From here, all of the course materials and assessments are presented in sequence and easily navigated with intuitive touch and motion.  Students will keep on top of critical assessment milestones across their subjects via the due dates tool and submit work artefacts directly from their cloud storage (Google Drive, One Drive or DropBox).  As grading occurs, assessment results & feedback will be directly available within the app.

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