AUNILO: Libraries of ASEAN University Network

(31 October 2017) The AUNILO (ASEAN University Network Inter-Library Online) Working Committee was formed as a result of the Resolution of the Conference on ASEAN University Network Inter-Library Online held at De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines on 13 February 2002. The aim of the AUNILO Working Committee is to help members develop world-class library and information services by:

  • Planning and formulating strategies and monitoring the progress of activities for the mutual benefit of the member libraries.
  • Pursuing resource sharing activities among the member libraries.
  • Developing and sustaining human resource development programs among the member libraries.
  • Harnessing ICT in the promotion, maintenance and enhancement of programs and activities of member libraries.

The name of the AUNILO Working Committee was changed to AUNILO Committee in 2006. The AUNILO Committee meets at least once a year to plan, prepare and assess activities as well as present Institutional/Country reports.

To read the full overview of AUNILO  by Radia Banu Jan Mohamad, Senior Librarian USM, click  here.