Asia Pacific Films joins forces with Alexander Street Press

Alexander Street Press and Hawaii-based Asia Pacific Films have partnered together to expand the range of content from Asia and the Pacific available to educators and scholars worldwide.

Since founding Asia Pacific Films in 2009, President Jeannette Hereniko has built an unrivalled catalogue of culturally and historically significant films from Asia and the Pacific, 90 percent of which had not previously been distributed outside of their country of origin. The collection is curated by an experienced team of film experts in Asia and the Pacific who work in concert with many of the region’s most notable scholars, critics, and curators.

Asia Pacific Films offers more than 600 streaming videos including more than one hundred shorts, dozens of documentaries, and hundreds of feature-length films in a variety of genres, including action, comedy, drama, experimental, horror, and thriller.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to partner with Jeannette in making these important films available to libraries and educational institutions around the world,” said Stephen Rhind-Tutt, President of Alexander Street Press. “Alexander Street’s mission is to make silent voices heard, and these films are essential for the study of the Asia Pacific region.”

Alexander Street Press plans to launch a new online streaming video collection titled Asia Studies in Video in early 2013 that will incorporate much of the Asia Pacific Films catalogue. Further collections are expected in the future as the two companies continue to publish content from Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Ms. Hereniko, founder of the Hawaii International Film Festival

Jeannette Hereniko, President of Asia Pacific Films. Photo by Pete Perry

and a founding board member of Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema noted, “This new relationship ensures that the Asia Pacific Films’ collection will reach the widest possible audience, expanding awareness and understanding of this important region, and benefiting the filmmakers that document its history and culture.”

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(ACCESS 83, December 2012)