ArtStor has a new website

(31 March 2015) In addition to being clearer, better-organized, and easier to navigate, the site includes a number of enhancements.

The new resources page at, is a convenient archive of brochures and manuals, ArtStor webinar schedules, new Curriculum Guides, AP teaching resources, and promotional materials for librarians.

Further, there are three new support sites for the Digital Library, Shared Shelf, and Shared Shelf Commons. These sites now feature predictive search, and the results pages provide a handy Topics bar and Most Viewed list to further help you find what you’re looking for. The support sites are accessible by clicking Help on the top menu bar of the relevant parent site.

The sites’ new look and functionality is the work of the ArtStor Design and Digital Strategy team, and everyone in Artstor contributed to the content and implementation.

Enjoy the new website here:

Read the full illustrated announcement here.