Annual Reviews announces new linguistics journal

(27 January 2015, Palo Alto, CA) Annual Reviews has announced Annual Review of Linguistics. This journal will cover significant developments in the field of linguistics, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and their interfaces. The reviews will synthesize advances in linguistic theory, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, computational linguistics, language acquisition, language change, biology and evolution of language, typology, field linguistics, and language documentation, as well as the application of linguistics in many domains.

The Annual Review of Linguistics is edited by Mark Liberman, Christopher H. Browne Professor of Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, and Barbara H. Partee, University Professor Emerita of Linguistics and Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst.

Professor Liberman explains, “The goal of the Annual Review of Linguistics is to offer access to significant developments across our increasingly diverse field, including all scientific approaches to the study of speech, language, and communication, as well as significant applications of linguistics in technology, medicine, law, education, and public policy.” He adds, “Articles are written for an audience that is centered on the core disciplines of academic linguistics, including researchers, teachers, and students in all fields that are concerned with the forms and functions of human language.” Professor Partee commented, “Our mission is to provide articles that benefit both specialists and nonspecialists, experts and students, teachers of introductory courses, and scholars in neighboring fields.”

“Over the past few decades, linguistic research has expanded and diversified into nearly every possible area of language science, and the volume, diversity, and quality of relevant publications have increased in proportion. Recognizing these changes, Annual Reviews has decided to add linguistics to our distinguished catalog of systematic examinations of current scientific literature,” notes Samuel Gubins, President and Editor-in-Chief of Annual Reviews.

Professors Liberman and Partee are supported by a distinguished Editorial Committee which includes: Stephen R. Anderson, Yale University; J.K. Chambers, University of Toronto; Anne Cutler, University of Western Sydney; Dan Jurafsky, Stanford University; Manfred Krifka, Institut für deutsche Sprache und Linguistik Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Joan Maling, National Science Foundation.

Complimentary online access to the first volume of the journal is available until January 2016 at

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