Annual Reviews announces new journal: The Annual Review of Virology

(6 October 2014) Annual Reviews has announced the launch of Annual Review of Virology. This journal will capture and describe the most important advances in our understanding of viruses of animals, plants, bacteria, archaea, fungi, and protozoa. Reviews will address exciting discoveries and new directions in basic and applied virology including studies of virus structure and replication, viral pathogenesis, virus-host interactions, viral evolution, and immune responses to viral infections.

Articles about viruses can be found in more than half of all Annual Reviews journals, reflecting the central role that viruses play in many areas of biological science. However, advances in virology tend to be lost in a sea of articles on other topics. This new journal will now provide a dedicated home for virology articles.”

Complimentary online access to the first volume of the journal is available until September 2015 at Interested institutions that do not have a current online account and would like to track usage statistics of the complimentary access to the journal may register with the Sales Department (

Further details here.