Annual appeal by the Buddhist Digital Resource Center

(16 November 2017) For nearly two decades, BDRC has sought out and preserved Buddhist literature in its digital library, making over 13.5 million pages of texts freely available online. Now, BDRC is taking the next step in its mission to greatly expand access to the treasures of Buddhist cultural heritage—and you can help!

BDRC is raising $20,000 to help build BudaX, an online education platform to advance the digital preservation and accessibility of resources in the BDRC archive. BudaX will provide free courses that teach people digital preservation skills and help them access the extensive resources already in the BDRC digital archive.

As an open-access platform, everyone can benefit from BudaX. It will especially benefit Tibetans by helping them preserve and access their literary heritage. Courses will be offered in digital preservation technology, how to use the online BDRC library, how to print books from the BDRC library, how to create datasets, and other topics.

After completing BudaX’s courses in digital preservation and digital distribution, participants will:

  • Understand how to use BDRC’s online tools.
  • Be able to use the collaborative features of BDRC’s mobile app to share, search, and download texts.
  • Know how to digitize and archive manuscripts according to BDRC’s best digitization practices.

Expanding knowledge about the preservation and access of Buddhist cultural heritage is essential to its flourishing. Please consider donating to BDRC today and help make BudaX a reality.

Visit the donation page to make a contribution via credit card, PayPal, check, or wire transfer.

The announcement in full including donation options is here.