American Chemical Society partners with leading Societies to support ChemRxiv™

(20 March 2018) The American Chemical Society (ACS) today announced its partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry and the German Chemical Society (GDCh) to support the financial and strategic development of ChemRxiv, the premier preprint server for the global chemistry community. This strategic partnership among three of the largest scientific societies in the chemical sciences will enable researchers to rapidly disseminate their findings in a forum that is free and globally accessible.

Through the establishment of this strong international alliance, ChemRxiv is a truly global preprint server driven by the chemistry research community. Collaboration between ACS, the Royal Society of Chemistry and GDCh ensures the sustainability of this service and its continued ability to meet the needs of the global chemistry community.

“We at ACS are delighted to officially partner with two of the world’s premiere scientific societies on ChemRxiv,” says James Milne, Ph.D., senior vice president, ACS Journals Publishing Group. “In a rapidly evolving scientific landscape, preprints are an essential step in the research process, providing transparency and enabling the rapid and global communication of new findings. Through this partnership, ChemRxiv will be governed and led by chemical societies, long-recognized as representative of the broad international community we serve.”

Authors working across all fields of chemistry are able to post their findings to the server ahead of formal peer review and publication. The service is free of charge, features a streamlined portal for direct and easy submission, and supports a wide variety of file formats. New features include a triage process that checks for plagiarism and other basic elements, while retaining its rapid posting time of less than two business days.

“The scholarly publishing landscape is significantly changing,” says GDCh Executive Director Wolfram Koch. “It is therefore important that the GDCh teams up with ACS and the Royal Society of Chemistry to fulfil our joint task to serve the chemical community worldwide and to support the dissemination of chemical knowledge.”

“Introducing ChemRxiv is a fantastic opportunity to provide our global chemistry community with new tools to share and discover research,” says Emma Wilson, Ph.D., director of publishing at the Royal Society of Chemistry. “It’s an important service for researchers across the chemical sciences, and cementing a partnership between three major chemical societies ensures our international community is at the heart of ChemRxiv.”

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