AIP Publishing signs “Read and Publish” pilot program agreement with Waseda University in Japan

(22 Jul 2019) AIP Publishing, a leading not-for-profit scholarly publisher in the physical sciences, is pleased to announce that Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, has signed an agreement to participate in AIP Publishing’s “Read and Publish” pilot program. Waseda University is the first academic institution in Asia to join the pilot, which is being launched for the 2019 publication year and will conclude at the calendar year-end.

Under the terms of the agreement, article processing charges (APCs) will be waived for all Waseda University-affiliated corresponding authors whose articles are accepted for publication in any of AIP Publishing’s hybrid journals (subscription-based titles that offer an open-access option) for which the university holds current subscriptions.

“The ‘Read and Publish’ pilot program will provide AIP Publishing and Waseda University with the opportunity to learn more about the benefits and challenges associated with shifting from traditional subscriptions and hybrid APCs to a fully open access model,” said AIP Publishing’s chief executive officer, John Haynes.

As part of this pilot, AIP Publishing will partner with a limited number of institutions around the world to test systems and processes and enable all parties to help shape the solutions that may become standard in scholarly communications in 2020 and thereafter. Haynes explained, “We look forward to much discussion and collaboration with our partners, and sharing what we learn with other members of the global scholarly community to assess sustainable directions that best serve authors, customers, editors, funding agencies, and researchers around the world.”

Professor Yoshiaki Fukazawa (Waseda University Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and Director of Library) said, “We hope this will lead to an increase in the number of AIP journal articles accessed by the university, improving our research standards.”

The original press release is here.