AIP Publishing introduces Chinese language author services

(15 March 2018, Melville, NY) AIP Publishing today announced its launch of a suite of Mandarin-language author services to facilitate submissions from one of the world’s fastest growing physical science research communities. By providing Chinese authors with resources to make the publishing process easier and faster, AIP Author Services is leading the effort to develop stronger connections between researchers across the globe. The Mandarin-language version of the AIP Author Services site is now available at

AIP Author Services are available to all researchers, regardless of whether they plan to submit manuscripts to AIP Publishing journals. Services include language editing and translation by native-English speaking postdoctoral editors with subject-matter expertise, as well as figure creation and reformatting. For the convenience of users in China, AIP Author Services accepts payment through AliPay and provides fapiao (legal receipts) to document transactions.

“Our ultimate goal is to disseminate top-quality research as quickly as possible, and eliminating complexity caused by language barriers gives Chinese authors an opportunity to contribute their work to the global scientific community without unnecessary delay,” Dr. Jason Wilde, chief publishing officer at AIP Publishing said. “Well-prepared manuscripts also reduce the time and effort spent by editors, referees, and publishing partners, further reducing barriers to rapid publication.”

AIP Publishing began offering pre-submission services, provided by The Charlesworth Group, to researchers in August 2017. For more information on AIP Author Services, please visit

The announcement is here.